Life of UX Designer in Agencies

this story is from some of my own experiences, no offence if your agency never really existed this way.

Just after taking a long break from what I’ve learned all these days, I started to work on crafting my daily routines in a meaningful way. And this is the time when I realized what I actually am and what I’m supposed to be.

In the Indian IT sector, being a user experience designer is the same as any other designer on the planet. The expectations they have for you is to make UI look cool, able to create graphic assets, create branding, design for games, design posters, flyers, other marketing collaterals, and many more. Sometimes they also expect you to design UI and code it as well, we might want to clarify this before getting onboard.


What we usually face there?

Let’s take a look at the typical workflow of a ‘UX designer driving the project” in the Indian software agency.

Source: Dribbble
Source: Optinmonster

This workflow you cannot expect in a job description of a UX Designer but this is what usually happens in most software agencies in India.

So, how to be like the grand-father of UX…

From the author

Everyone is meant to specialize in something. If you have interest in more than one then just focus on one that makes you ‘You’. If you have a valid point then state it never bother about what others think, or its impact on the hike, appraisals, feelings, job security, etc. If not here somewhere else, communities like Medium, Dribbble, Behance, etc are always here to let the world know who you really are.

Have a good day!

Let me know in comments if you have anything to add. Thanks for your time



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