UX . Get . Set . Go !

It all started from sketch !

App icon sketch by Ramotion

How I laid my own path for learning

  • Observe actions of people
  • Observe how people behave
  • Observe their emotions
  • What makes them feel what ?
  • Are all these people same or different ? used to compare each of them
  • How people of different mind set react to different situations ?
  • Do these people behavior related to their home town, culture, etc ?
  • How do people connect to others ?
  • How do someone make friends/best friends and so on…
  • A strategy and how to create one
  • How technology matters to create best User Experiences
  • Learnt basic concepts from different technical languages
  • How great user experiences affects the productivity
  • Cost of creating qualitative product
  • How quality is key for good experiences
  • How backup plans need to be created for a product’s failure
  • What makes a better come back as a product
  • Last but not least, all those references made me think of a product in the perspective of different personalities connected to that product.
  • And many other key points which will be shared in future articles.

“Neither people nor their emotions are same all the time”




User Experience Designer avinashbussa.com

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Avinash Bussa

Avinash Bussa

User Experience Designer avinashbussa.com

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