UX . Get . Set . Go !

Avinash Bussa
3 min readOct 1, 2018

Career is the phase where we learn about actual world.

Starting today, I’m Avinash, a User Experience Designer. This is my first ever article on Medium. It’s been a couple of years I’ve been following Medium but recently few things made me realize that this space is not something where we need to write every now and then but it’s a place to share knowledge, share thoughts, get opinions, get appreciated for your works and ideas. We never know how these appreciations can help someone to face this world of rejections. So here I wanted to kick start my first story with how my career kicked me into this world of drafting great User Experiences.

It all started from sketch !

App icon sketch by Ramotion

As a designer, from childhood I’ve been into arts in many ways. I used to sketch, paint, make crafts, etc but when I completed my 10+2 that’s when I was happened to get into Computer Science for my bachelors. Personally I never wanted to give up on design so I spent time for some R&D and finally ended up with something called User Experience Design.

Earlier I wasn’t aware of the term UX, neither people from my friends, family, relatives or seniors from IT companies do, which left me in a dilemma like ‘what am I doing with my career ?’ but those were days I’m good at analyzing situations from past actions in different contexts and this lead me to analyze the future and value of this profession and sooner I got the essence of a Experience Designer in me. That’s how it all started.

How I laid my own path for learning

After setting a career option I continued R&D and started to gain knowledge from different articles and one day I stuck with a question “If this is about user, why am I looking into websites ?” which made me to shift my concentration from articles to people around me. I started to see the world in a different perspective which no article have ever explained. Here are few areas which I’ve concentrated the most.

  • Observe actions of people
  • Observe how people behave
  • Observe their emotions
  • What makes them feel what ?
  • Are all these people same or different ? used to compare each of them
  • How people of different mind set react to different situations ?
  • Do these people behavior related to their home town, culture, etc ?
  • How do people connect to others ?
  • How do someone make friends/best friends and so on…

There is a very huge list of what I learnt from real people. Then there were some books online & offline (here are a few)to learn User Experience Design, but mainly what I learn from these books are…

  • A strategy and how to create one
  • How technology matters to create best User Experiences
  • Learnt basic concepts from different technical languages
  • How great user experiences affects the productivity
  • Cost of creating qualitative product
  • How quality is key for good experiences
  • How backup plans need to be created for a product’s failure
  • What makes a better come back as a product
  • Last but not least, all those references made me think of a product in the perspective of different personalities connected to that product.
  • And many other key points which will be shared in future articles.

“Neither people nor their emotions are same all the time”

Getting there has never been easy,
Self motivation is all you need to keep up yourself all the time.

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated for this newbie’s story