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Avinash Bussa
Half immersed iceberg, stating smaller piece on top is UI and larger piece in water is UX
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There are humans around the world who call themselves UI/UX Designers and not sure who has the major stake, UX, or UI. Let’s take a look at it.

In the industry, there are UX Designers and UI Designers, and both of them have their responsibilities. …

Daily Life Illustration By Suntur Yozanun

Good or Bad, UX is everywhere

Ever wonder about the kettle on the most famous UX book “Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman? Why is that a book cover?

Banner image — illustration of light blue person with orange trousers, sitting over a blue horse and plane yellow background
Image: Cathal Duane on Behance

Nothing to a designer
Designer to a Web Designer
Web designer to a UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Designer to where?

Such a long journey isn’t it? still, it’s not the end yet.

If you’re a UX Designer, you must know how the industry is right now. Most of the visual designers(not…

Shark Longboard by Richard Malachowski

If you’re in hurry and looking for TLDR, here’s it is.

“The term User Experience(UX) Design is all about the process. The process of creating products that serve the “user’s” needs. “

“You don’t need a design degree or need to pay for certification programs to learn UX Design. All…

“Roughly one-in-five U.S. adults (21%) say they regularly wear a smartwatch or wearable fitness tracker, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted June 3–17, 2019.”

A Moto brand smartwatch shot in the dark, highlighting analogue clock with metrics like notifications & weather on watch face

If we correlate the life before and after the pandemic, we can witness that people are more likely to focus on personal health, fitness…

Wikipedia says:

  • Haptic communication: the means by which people and other animals communicate via touching.
  • Haptic perception: the process of recognizing objects through touch.
  • Haptic technology: technology that interfaces with the user through the sense of touch.

Haptic (from the Greek haptesthai, meaning “to touch”). By the middle of the…

this story is from some of my own experiences, no offence if your agency never really existed this way.

Just after taking a long break from what I’ve learned all these days, I started to work on crafting my daily routines in a meaningful way. …

Career is the phase where we learn about actual world.

Starting today, I’m Avinash, a User Experience Designer. This is my first ever article on Medium. It’s been a couple of years I’ve been following Medium but recently few things made me realize that this space is not something where…

Avinash Bussa

User Experience Designer

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